About Us

Boot Camps Training Systems have been designed to give your business the ultimate kick-start or added supplementary income it deserves. Our systems integrate the best in operational sales, customer service, management and session delivery.

Each training session integrates diverse and dynamic exercise regimes and innovative activities all timed down to the second and categorised depending on what type of session you want to deliver on any given day, from Action Endurance Cardio sessions to Body and Mind Transformation Core and Motor Skills sessions to good old rough and tumble Military sessions! The program is designed to physically and mentally challenge all individuals regardless of their fitness levels.

Our systems focus on the business side of things too, from record keeping to sales figures and projections, we're with you all the way. Boot Camps Training Systems have been designed to help you achieve all of your business goals as fast as possible. Combined with our compulsory software package (Waakaainga) life is simple, accounting for all sales, inter-camp communication, bookkeeping and all day to day figures, so you know what it is you have to achieve each day of each month. No excuses!

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